Located in the Washington DC area, since 2002, Healthy Living Marketing has been facilitating meaningful relationships with the millions of people within Healthy America to generate brand familiarity, consideration and preference.

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    Better-For-You Brands Benefit From Relationships With Healthy Americans

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    Every day, millions of Americans make the choice to live healthier lives.

    They are choosing to eat better, get more active, and follow pursuits that help them to achieve mental and physical well-being. Some push themselves to the limit, while others are simply trying to push back against aging, but they are all looking for assistance in their choice to improve.

    They want to be motivated, guided, and inspired. They typically care deeply about their families and communities. They hold companies accountable for behaving responsibly, just as they hold themselves to a higher standard to live better. Read More » » » »

    Content Creation, A Key Marketing Strategy For Better-For-You Brands


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    Through the creation and online publishing of branded content, Better-For-You brands have a tremendous opportunity to expand their Reach, increase their brand credentials, and invite qualified consumers to participate in the brand experience.

    In this White Paper, we discuss the multiple benefits why Better-For-You brands should adopt this compelling strategy, and cite some examples from the Quaker Oats brand on how they’ve utilized branded content to generate positive results for their brand.

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    Special Events, A Great Opportunity To Build Your Brand Community

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    Special events are often overlooked by Better-For-You brands as a source for gathering highly qualified interest in their products and services. Yet, when you consider who is attending and participating in these events (be it health & fitness festivals, charity walks, or runs), the audience demographics are quite high, and their mindset very receptive to considering your brand.

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    Better-For-You Brands: Monetize Your Social Media Activity


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    When utilized effectively, Social Media can be a great tool to not only generate new customers for your Better-For-You brand, but also retain those already well familiar with your business. How? Social Media not only works to humanize your brand in a conversational manner, but also provides a platform where ‘friends’ of your brand can express themselves, including their healthy lifestyle behaviors and preferences. By capturing and mining that data over time, your brand can harvest strong benefits by learning about your customers, and apply that insight to more effectively re-market to your committed ‘friends’ and customers.
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