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    Maintaining Health At The Forefront Of Many People’s Minds


    There’s more healthy living news to report, and further evidence of the growing health consciousness in America. And it greatly impacts the future of Better-For-You brands.

    In their recently released 2011 International Food Information Council Foundation Foods for Health Survey, maintaining health and reducing risk of disease is at the forefront of many people’s minds as they age. The research shows that Americans cite cardiovascular disease (46 percent), weight (32 percent) and cancer (22 percent) as their top health concerns. In addition, almost one in five Americans (19 percent) cite healthy aging as a top health living concern. » » » »

    Content Sustains Health Conscious Consumers Thirst For Information

    reviewing ingredients

    Health-Conscious consumers are an enlightened lot, typically well educated and armed with a voracious appetite for information that can help them to achieve and sustain a higher degree of health.

    But for manufacturers of healthier alternative Better-For-You products, the biggest challenge (according to a recent Content Marketing Institute survey of 1,100 marketers) marketers face is producing engaging content (36%). And yet, according to the results below, providing valuable content is just what their respective customers demand and respond to: » » » »

    Improve Your Ability To Recruit Health-Conscious Consumers

    Weight Conscious

    With the country coming out of Recession, prospecting for new Health-Conscious customers has returned to popularity as a compelling marketing strategy for Better-For-You brand marketers. And with the clear understanding of the growing demographic and lifestyle diversity of the country’s population, and its impact on how marketers react and response to prospective customers, it’s vitally important for success that Better-For-You brand marketers respond as well. » » » »

    Dilemma For Better-For-You Brands

    Baby pic

    Brought on by a multitude of healthy living factors, recognition and acceptance of the Better-For-You brand category continues to fuel rapid growth. As a sample of evidence, the market research firm, Packaged Facts, predicts 40% growth in sales of products targeting two-to-12-year-olds in the period 2010-2015. Says the firm – “We forecast that the next several years going into 2015 will mark a period of tremendous growth in the sales and development of food and beverage products marketed and designed for children.” » » » »

    Opportunity Knocks For Better-For-You Brands


    Spring has finally emerged, and with it, seemingly most of Healthy America, the 77 million health-conscious adults who have made some form of commitment to improving their health. While it’s evident to see their commitment to exercise (such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, paddling, hiking, and playing racquet sports, the list goes on), in 2011, many more Americans are committing as well to a holistic approach to healthy living. » » » »