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    Romancing Functional Food And Beverage Products

    functional product benefits

    Functional food and beverage products offer manufacturers and retailers with an abundance of marketing opportunities. Andrew Wolf, a retail analyst for BB&T Capital Markets, said it best with a recent quote – “a huge number of people have become interested in changing the way they eat. There’s a societal shift that’s the basis of all this demand.” And given the inherent nature of functional food and beverage products that offer an abundance of “healthier” benefits to consumers, marketers can align the functional benefits of these products with a range of content subjects, experts, and relevant occasions that affiliate the product to niche health-conscious audiences for early adoption, greater frequency of purchase, and ultimately greater consumption. » » » »

    Making Healthy Lifestyles The Norm

    family exercise

    According to Active Life, an Austin, Texas-based organization whose mission is to make healthy the norm by generating a persistent demand for healthy living among all sectors of society, the declining health of Americans is not merely the result of increased obesity, overweight and diabetes rates. Rather, the negative health outcomes are the result of a culture and society in which unhealthy has become the norm. » » » »

    Supermarkets Integrate Health Facts In Stores

    Nutritional Tag

    In an effort to help their customers embrace healthier nutrition and lifestyles, many supermarket chains, supported by Better-For-You brand manufacturers, are integrating in nutrition scoring campaigns for products in their stores. It’s just another example of how health and well-being awareness is become more prevalent in our society as helpful, simple-to-use educational information is being utilized to direct customer purchases, preferences and behaviors. Here’s an overview on the two leading nutritional scoring systems. » » » »

    Health And Well-Being Take Center Stage


    At this time in 2011, health is top-of-mind for many people. Perhaps instigated by this long-term recession where most have been greatly affected, many have come to realize that the way in which we lead are lives has been built upon a shaky foundation that is unsustainable, both personally as well as for the society we live in. Perhaps most importantly, many people have come to realize that their personal health, quality-of-life, and longevity are most important. As a result, many of us are questioning where and how we live, whom we associate with, and how and why we consume. » » » »

    The World Organizes For Better Health

    Healthy trends continue to take center stage with trends and developments coming from all sectors of the market. Each of these recent news items impacts Better-For-You product marketers, but moreover, forces you to navigate your brands through a complex, ever-changing world where ultimately, strong opportunity for brand growth exists. » » » »

    Author: Posted On: September 20th, 2011 | Category: Healthy Planet