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    Health And Well-Being Take Center Stage

    Posted: October 4th, 2011 | Author:

    At this time in 2011, health is top-of-mind for many people. Perhaps instigated by this long-term recession where most have been greatly affected, many have come to realize that the way in which we lead are lives has been built upon a shaky foundation that is unsustainable, both personally as well as for the society we live in. Perhaps most importantly, many people have come to realize that their personal health, quality-of-life, and longevity are most important. As a result, many of us are questioning where and how we live, whom we associate with, and how and why we consume.For us at Healthy Living, this time period is a particularly critical and most interesting era we’re living in, especially as it relates to health principles, education, policy, and behaviors.

    Consider some of the latest trends we have been observing that having an impact –

    Health Insurance Costs Continue To Rise Significantly

    According to the Kaiser Foundation, the average annual premium for family coverage through an employer reached $15,073 in 2011, an increase of 9% over the previous year. Worse yet, the cost for the same coverage is expected to rise to over $ 35,000 by the year 2025. At this pace, employees will be asked to share more and more of these costs, placing a premium on the importance of health and well-being as a personal preventive strategy.

    Americans Are Disconnected From Their Food

    According to a recent national survey conducted by US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, a staggering 72 % surveyed know nothing or very little about farming and ranching. And yet, 70% of those same respondents aid their purchase decisions are affected by how food is grown and raised, while 72% say they think about the topic when purchasing groceries. Another important finding of the survey shows that people expect farmers to produce healthy foods, with 79% of those surveyed saying producing healthy choices for all is very important for farmers and ranchers to consider when planning farming and ranching practices.

    Are Americans’ Eating Habits Improving?

    The American Dietetic Association (ADA) just released the results of its ongoing Nutrition and You trends survey. More than 750 adults were asked by phone about their habits and beliefs regarding diet and nutrition, and the findings are interesting. Here are some highlights:

    When asked “On a one to seven scale, how important is diet and nutrition to you personally?” 67% said “very important”, with many more women than men (73 vs. 59% ) saying they believed diet and nutrition are “very important.”

    When asked “Are you doing all you can to achieve balanced nutrition and a healthy diet?” 49% responded yes.

    And finally, and a very telling question that has stimulated a lot of further questions and discussion, the reasons cited for not doing more to achieve a healthy diet and good nutrition included:

    • I don’t want to give up the foods I like (82%)
    • I am satisfied with the way I currently eat (75%)
    • It takes too much time to keep track of my diet (62%)
    • I need more practical tips to help me eat right (47%)
    • I don’t know or understand the guidelines for diet and nutrition (40%)

    And yet, sadly statistics that bear out the reality of it all, tell us otherwise.

    At Healthy Living Marketing, we are constantly tracking trends that impact our Better-For-You clients’ business. We invite you to follow these trends on Twitter (@HLPromo) and on Facebook at

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