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    Archive for February, 2012

    Romancing Functional Food And Beverage Products

    functional product benefits

    Functional food and beverage products offer manufacturers and retailers with an abundance of marketing opportunities. Andrew Wolf, a retail analyst for BB&T Capital Markets, said it best with a recent quote – “a huge number of people have become interested in changing the way they eat. There’s a societal shift that’s the basis of all this demand.” And given the inherent nature of functional food and beverage products that offer an abundance of “healthier” benefits to consumers, marketers can align the functional benefits of these products with a range of content subjects, experts, and relevant occasions that affiliate the product to niche health-conscious audiences for early adoption, greater frequency of purchase, and ultimately greater consumption. » » » »

    Functional Food Makers – Integral to Healthy America

    reading nutritional panel

    With an emerging mind-set that is being driven by a multitude of forces, functional Food and Beverage manufacturers are well positioned to inject themselves in to an integral position as consumers continue to evolve their attitudes about health and well-being.
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