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    Archive for April, 2011

    Opportunity Knocks For Better-For-You Brands


    Spring has finally emerged, and with it, seemingly most of Healthy America, the 77 million health-conscious adults who have made some form of commitment to improving their health. While it’s evident to see their commitment to exercise (such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, paddling, hiking, and playing racquet sports, the list goes on), in 2011, many more Americans are committing as well to a holistic approach to healthy living. » » » »

    Better-For-You Brand Marketing

    relationship marketing

    Different Tactics, Same Strategy

    With the advent of new technology and applications, people have taken control of the conversation, no longer interested in hearing one-sided, one-size-fits-all marketing messages. This trend is no more evident than reviewing the behaviors and preferences of Healthy America, the 77 million adults in the U.S. who have made a commitment to living healthier, and who are significantly pre-disposed to consider healthier product alternatives. » » » »

    Effective Customer Segmentation for Better-For-You Brands

    Healthy People

    Proper segmentation of your current and high-potential customers lies at the heart of your relationship management processes that target the Health Conscious. In order to conduct an initial segmentation process, Better-For-You brands must determine the following: » » » »