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    Archive for August, 2010

    Increasing Responsibility in Food and Beverage Packaging

    consumer packaged goods

    Many consumer product companies have received criticism over the environmental impact and waste production resulting from the packaging materials used and the perceived excess of packaging for their products. Think of the packaging materials used in a box of cookies that can be bought at the grocery store, or the amount of trash thrown away after a take-out dinner, and it’s evident why many people believe that there is an opportunity to reduce waste, especially for packaged food and beverage companies. In fact, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), packaging accounts for more than 50% of total household waste in the United States. » » » »

    Responsible and Balanced Decision Making in Healthy Living

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Realizing that the path to healthy living is not black and white – there’s no diet or exercise plan that will work for everyone, just as there’s no one cause for the obesity epidemic – is the start of a more meaningful, responsible, and lasting approach to how we think about, value, and sustain health. » » » »

    America’s Ethical Commitment to Sustaining Refugees and National Health

    Refugees bring health to America

    Refugees and the health of a country may seem like two ideas at odds with one another. The word refugee conjures war, poverty, widowed mothers and orphaned babies; a country that creates refugees – people who have to cross an international border because they fear for their lives – is far from a healthy one. » » » »

    Brands and Their Healthy Living Messages and Actions

    seeds in a box promotion

    When a brand chooses a social purpose to support, it’s critical for business leaders to consider affiliations and commitments that fit well with their own organizational values. » » » »

    Author: Posted On: August 3rd, 2010 | Category: Healthy Planet